Grace & Storytelling

Have you ever noticed the power of a story? They can move us to action, joy or tears. We connect with stories because we're all living one.

God is the greatest storyteller. Jesus used stories (parables) on a regular basis in scripture. However, there are few things we have twisted around and misunderstood more than the parables of Jesus. On October 29th ChristHoldFast is coming to Dallas and will attempt to reshape the way we read and hear some of these stories and put the focus back on the storyteller Himself. We hope you can join us!

We are a Law & Gospel collective of creative contributors, dedicated to proclaiming to people how Christ remains faithful even when we are faithless. We provide a voice for Christians who are both Sinner & Saint. We promote the bad news that you are a greater sinner than you think and the good news that Christ is a greater savior than you can imagine.

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