Here We Still Stand 2018

On October 19-21 we gathered in San Diego to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the reformation at the Here We Still Stand conference. And what a celebration it was! Perhaps you thought that was it. The anniversary of the Reformation had come and gone. Well, we have good news...

Here We Still Stand was about more than celebrating a single event in history. It's about facilitating a modern reformation. It's a call back to the radical message of Christ given for sinners. It's a movement rooted in the freedom only the gospel can provide. It's a place for sinner/saints from all over the world to come home to.

1517 has decided to make this an annual event in San Diego and so we are excited to announce that Here We Still Stand 2018 is a reality. Join us October 18-20 next year as we examine 'The Theology of the Cross'. The last event sold out, and space is limited, so register now to reserve your spot!

Visit for conference details including speakers, schedule and logistics as well as media from HWSS 2017.

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