The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend The CHF Conference (and Proclaim that Grace is Not Dead)

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend The CHF Conference (and Proclaim that Grace is Not Dead)


10. Take a picture with a Lutheran. Who knew there were so many? It’s like seeing a herd of unicorns.

9.  See if you are cool enough to understand David Zahl’s jokes. Wait…what? That was a joke?

8.  Take a selfie with Paul Tripp’s mustache.  Not with Paul himself, just his mustache.

7.  Listen to Steve Brown’s voice and fantasize about what it would sound like if he inhaled helium.

6.  Ditch the conference and go to the Daytona 500 on your church’s dime…NASCAR Rules!  ;-)

5.  Bring your family to the Mouse House in Orlando, thereby getting them out of the grumpy-making winter weather. They’ll love you forever and you’ll be able to pretend that you’re a really great parent when, in fact, you just want to ride Space Mountain instead of shovel snow.

4.  Figure out why there are only two female speakers and one talking Bird. (Think about it)

3.  Register for the Pre-Conference so you can listen to Preston Sprinkle talk about Charis. No clue what any of that means? Enough said.

2.  Meet a man who lives in Pea Ridge, Arkansas. Really. Not joking. Seriously. What’s a Pea Ridge?

1.  Allow yourself to believe that Grace is Not Dead. Grace is not dead because grace is endless and extravagant and isn’t limited to one locality or even one movement. It’s everywhere, unstoppable, undying. Grace is God’s incessant deluge of love and welcome on men and women who are prodigal and who, though they say they believe, wonder if it’s all true after all.  It’s a message that is impermeable to failure and shame and accusation and scandal. It is impervious to all that this world with devils filled can throw at us. No one and nothing can kill this message of grace because there’s already been a death where everything bad that could possibly happen happened…but there was also a resurrection. And it’s this message of God’s grace and love for sinners that we need to hear and to proclaim over and over again. Grace is not dead. This message is not dead. In fact, we’re going to continue to proclaim it forever.

Elyse holds a certificate in biblical counseling from CCEF (San Diego) and an M.A. in Biblical Counseling from Trinity Theological Seminary. She has authored 21 books on daily living and the Christian life. A frequent speaker at women’s conferences, she has been married for nearly 40 years and has three adult children and six really adorable grandchildren.

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