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CHF is a holding a City Event at Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday, April 13th. The theme is The Hard Sayings of Jesus. Come join us for this one day event full of singing, teaching and fellowship. This event is free but please register so we know how many people to expect.


8:30 - Doors Open

9:00 - Singing w/ Blake Flattley

9:30 - Daniel Emery Price: Give to Caesar What Belongs to Caesar

10:15 - Ken Jones: The Unforgivable Sin

11:00 - Scott Keith: I Came to Bring a Sword

11:30 - Panel (Price, Jones & Keith)


1:45 - Singing w/ Blake Flattley

2:15 - Chad Bird: Tear Out Your Eye

3:00 - Cindy Koch: Turn the Other Cheek

3:45 - Russ Lackey: Eat my Flesh and Drink my Blood

4:30 - Panel (Bird, Koch & Lackey)